HAUG EN SL Power Pack Power Pack

HAUG, EN SL, Power PackWith his modular electronic components the EN SL power pack guarantees a service-friendly power supply.The EN SL power pack comes with two high-voltage connections and was designed to provide HAUG ionizing systems with the required voltage.

The integrated HV-transformer produces an alternating current of approx. 7 – 8 kVAC. The main on/off switch with a build-in display light, always lets the user know that the power pack is ready for operation. The S-Line power pack works ideally with HAUG ionizing products, such as ionizing bars, air gates, ring ionizers etc.

Power Pack EN SL LC

As EN SL, but with integrated full-electronic function monitoring. This system constantly monitors all functions of the ionizing system without any further measuring or test equipment. It alerts the operator of any irregularities by causing the LED indicator integrated in the housing to flash.

Power Pack EN SL RLC

Identical in all technical aspects to the EN SL LC, the EN SL RLC power pack comes additionally with a signal socket above the earthing sleeve. A fault message can be connected to the signal socket.

The maximum contact load is 24 VAC / 35 VDC and max. 50 mA (see contact scheme and logic diagram).

Operations status Contacts closed
Normal operation Supply voltage connected High voltage connected 1 and 2
Failure Supply voltage connected High voltage failure 2 and 3
Failure Supply voltage failure not defined 2 and 3
In unit EN SL SD: Contacts 4. 5. 6 for reset and excess temperature switch-off identification.

Power Pack EN SL SD (spark detect)

Design identical to power pack EN SL RLC. This power pack additionally monitors the following error states: spark-over, high-voltage short circuit and excess temperature. The signalling socket allows the power pack to be monitored and controlled.

Special Features and Advantages

  • The rounded edges of the S-Line housing prevent the operator from risks and injuries.
  • With help of the HAUG vario holder all S-Line power packs can easily be mounted horizontally on any flat surface or vertically right to the wall.
  • The S-Line power pack is manufactured in accordance to the DIN 0550 norm, protection type IP 54, protection class I.
  • HAUG’s patented plug-and-socket connection System X-2000 ensures the installation to be fast, simple and without the requirements of any tools.

Technical Data

Types EN SL 230 V
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7780.220
Order-No.: 01.7781.220
Output short-circuit current 3 mA, 
max. connectable length 5 m
EN SL 230 V
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7780.200
Order-No.: 01.7781.200
with HAUG-transformer, output short-circuit current 3 mA, 
max. connectable length 10 m
EN SL 230 V
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7830.000
Order-No.: 01.7830.000
with HAUG-transformer and short-circuit protection unit, 
output short-circuit current 3 mA, 
max. connectable length 10 m
EN SL II 230 V
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7782.225
Order-No.: 01.7783.225
with potentiometer, adjustable 4...6 kV, 
max. connectable length 5 m. 
EN SL LC 230 V
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7833.000
Order-No.: 01.7834.000
LED-controlled with function monitoring and 
short-circuit protection unit, output short-circuit current 5 mA, 
max. connectable length 10 m
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7835.100
Order-No.: 01.7836.100
Relay-LED-controlled with function monitoring and short-circuit protection unit, output short-circuit current 5 mA, 
max. connectable length 10 m.
For use with signalling cable K6
EN SL SD 230 V
115 V
Order-No.: 01.7843.000
Order-No.: 01.7844.000
Relay-LED-controlled with extended function monitoring for sparking, HV short circuit and overheating with switch-off. 
Reset on unit by remote control, max. connectable length 10 m.
For use with signalling cable K6
Protection Type IP 54
Protection class I
Supply voltage 115 VAC / 230 VAC (50 – 60 Hz)
Power consumption approx. 50 VA
Output-voltage approx. 7 – 8 kVAC
Capacitiy of signalling contacts 24 VAC / 35 VDC max. 50 mA
HV-terminals 2
Operating temperature +5 °C to +45 °C
Storage/transport temperature -15 °C to +60 °C
Weight approx. 3.5 kg
Mains cable 2.6 m; fixed to the device

Subject to technical changes!


for EN SL II
Signalling cable K3
for loss of high-voltage
report, shielded,
incl. signalling plug
  5 m Order-No.: 06.8960.000
10 m Order-No.: 06.8960.001
20 m Order-No.: 06.8960.002
Signalling plug Order-No.: X-6099

Signalling cable K6
for loss of high-voltage
report, shielded,
incl. signalling plug
5 m Order-No.: 06.8976.000
10 m Order-No.: 06.8976.001
20 m Order-No.: 06.8976.002
Signalling plug Order-No.: X-7807





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